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Article Submission in SEO

Article submission in SEO is a process through which you write articles for third-party websites and submit on them. These websites in return will give you backlinks to your website. Article submission is arguably one of the best methods to get authentic backlinks.

Why article submission is known as building authentic backlinks?

Since you are writing some good informative content & getting yourself a backlink from that type of content. It is a much better method than just randomly getting backlinks with random one to two lines of content.

Some Benefits of Article Submissions on Article Submission Sites

  • Increases the reputation of your website
  • Gives you recognition
  • Valuable Backlinks which will boost your rankings
  • New Audience (new people come to know about you)
  • Website traffic increases
  • You can generate leads

Types of Article Submissions Sites

There are various types of article submission websites:

  • Open Article Directories or Blogging Platforms e.g., &
  • Paid Article Submission Directory, in these types they accept your articles in return of money
  • Free Article Submission Directory, in these they don’t charge any amount however approval takes time

Which ones are important? The more the merrier. But honestly, if you have limited resources you can focus only on Open Article Directories or Blogging Platforms and Free Article Submission Directory but you need to ensure that the articles submitted on all the different directories are unique. You can’t copy the same article in more than 1 article directory.

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How to Select the best Article Submissions Sites

There is no set formulae to select the article submission site for your need, however, you need to check a few details before you start submitting the articles to them.

  • How difficult is it to get the articles approved on the website
  • How many existing articles does the website have
  • What is the Alexa Ranking of the Website
  • What is the Domain Authority of the Website
  • How old is this website
  • How much traffic/views does the website have on the existing articles
  • What existing categories of articles are there, are those categories related to your website

There are many who also use article spinner and then submit the articles on the article directory websites, however, we would not recommend doing that since chances are that your article may get rejected, and by chance, if they are approved they won’t be of the best quality. It is always recommended to write the articles rather than using article spinner tools. If you are not good with writing articles you can easily hire writers from There are many such websites available. You can easily outsource your content however while doing so please keep a strong check on plagiarism you can use to check it. You can also install Grammarly it is a Free Chrome Extension and help check grammatical errors.

With the above factors, let’s look at some of the Best Article Submission Sites for SEO

Best Article Submission Sites for SEO


Google Sites is one of the best websites to create your free website. This is a favorite of most content creators and since this website is a Google product it has some special love from Google, and thus any content added to this is crawled by google almost immediately.

Though you can’t just post random stuff on here and get a good backlink, you definitely need to work hard around the content to make sure you are getting some value backlink.

We won’t be surprised if you never heard about this website since this website is used by coders to store their website codes.

However this website allows you to create sites Click here to learn the step-by-step method to create backlinks from GitHub. You can create a website in here and submit as many articles as possible.

If you have been on the internet since the 2000s you would know this website. It was the first few websites that allowed you to start your own blog. These days not many use this website for blogging but it is a great place to get some backlinks from. This website allows you to set up your blog and you can add as many links as you wish to from this to your website.

This website is a great place to submit some good articles on topic related to your website. Again since it is owned by Google, Google has some preference over the other article directory websites.


Just like, this website also allows you to create an online blog however it is not only restricted to blogging websites but also allows you to create a business, e-commerce, educational & many other types of websites. It is again a good website to get a backlink from.

It is a little tricky to get your website set up on WordPress for free, the flow is more towards pushing the users to buy, so try avoiding that when you are creating backlinks from here.

Medium is picking up as a blogging platform. They have introduced an option to import your website blogs on their site by just copy-pasting your URL. This is a great way to syndicate your articles on What is syndication submission or Content Syndication?



Ezine Articles

This is one of the best websites to submit your articles, it has articles on a range of topics and thus is given a lot of importance by Search Engines. The only drawback of this website is that they are a little strict when it comes to approving the articles. The article should be at least 1000 to 1500 words and should not be plagiarized.


This is a social networking website that allows you to create a blog as well. All the posts that you make on this website will automatically come in the blog section. It may look overwhelming at the start but once you get a hang of it, it becomes easy to use. Sample Link

Gigantic List Articles

This is a good website to submit your articles they have 7 main categories with one being the “Other” category. You can submit your article after creating your account on this website. Having said that again the focus should be to create quality articles for this website as that will increase the value of the backlink & eventually help you rank higher.

H1 Ad Articles

This is again a simple website that allows you to submit your articles however, this website is bombarded with a lot of ads. So in case you don’t like watching a lot of ads then you can skip this website. Having said that this website has some good quality articles and having your article on this website will be a plus for you.

Articles Base

This is a good website with a DA of 77 they are a good place to submit your articles but this website is very strict when it comes to plagiarism, they need your article to be 100% unique and the article should not have any grammatical errors too. They want the articles to be at least 600 words in length, if it is more than 800 words then definitely, it will have more chances of getting approved. They don’t allow more than 3 do-follow links however that is a good number.


This website allows you to put articles in the following category Careers, Home Improvements, Promoting, Shopping, and Startups. This is the website is the place if your website is based on the above categories.  Again while submitting your article on this website you need to ensure at least the article is 700 to 800 words and is not copied/published anywhere else.

Wall Classifieds

If your website falls under Art, Business, Digital Marketing, Jobs & Technology then this website is for you. This website calls its articles a story and that is the sub-domain where all the articles are submitted. Again this website is an upcoming article submitting website that you can capitalize on for your backlinks.

Classifieds Factor

This is yet another simple website that allows you to create & submit articles on Business, Cars, Construction, Design, & Learning. They also have General and other categories however, you should avoid submitting the article in these categories since that would not give you a lot of value. Also including backlinks in your article with anchor text as that will be more beneficial.

Quora Spaces

Quora is a very well-known Q&A website that allows you to submit your questions and you can also answer the questions posted by others. However, Quora has a feature called as Quora Spaces, you can create your space and upload your articles in there. You can also monetize your space with subscription plans & also through the ads getting displayed on your spaces.


This website is a cool website on the lines of blogging platforms such as Medium & WordPress. Love their UI, it is simple and very easy to submit your articles. It also requires you to update a featured image with the article, we recommend doing that, as it helps stand out your website from the crowd.  This website is mainly recommended for story writers such as action, fiction, romance, etc.


This is a good website that allows you to submit articles in fashion, food, beauty, DIY, and home décor. If your website is related to business or news, this directory is not for you. It is important to select the directories based on the category they accept, else they won’t help you get valuable backlinks.


This is a well-known website for submitting articles, this website allows us to create pages that can serve as articles. The good part is that unlike some of the websites listed on the top they have a wider range of categories which means you have a greater chance that your website will fit in one of the categories.


Reddit is the next-level discussion forum with the option to create communities within. There are tons of communities with a lot of user-generated content on it. It is a good place to submit your articles but they will do well if you have them structured as experiences and not just random articles. Also, not all communities will allow you to add links to it, however, your brand will get visibility if the content is nicely done.

Self Growth

This website is quite active with articles being regularly submitted on their site. There is also an option to rate the best articles, through which reader rate their favorite articles, this is a good feature that gives your articles much-needed recognition. Again quality wins over quality which plays an important role while submitting your articles on this website.

Sooper Articles

This article submission website is another good website to submit your third-party SEO articles. Unlike some of the websites listed on the top, this website has a wide variety of categories which makes it a favorite of all the types of websites. They also have a feature where top weekly, monthly articles are listed on their website, this feature can help you get more views based on the quality of your articles.

Store Board

This website is not just restricted to article submission but also allows you to submit products, location, classified & many more things. Due to its content-rich nature, this website attracts more crawlers from the search engines & having your article listed on it gives you that edge over the other websites. Finding an article submission button can be tough, but you can visit this link & hover on blogs on the left side which will allow you to add a new blog to it.


This is a paid article directory website that charges a one-time fee to submit your articles to their website, however, offer you a full refund if your article happens to get rejected. This is a good website in terms of the pricing, as the basic plan costs only USD 9.95 (lifetime listing) which is much more reasonable than many of the paid directories out there.


This website is completely free and you can submit either news articles or informative articles, this website is very simple and has all articles visible on their home page. They have a top search bar. This website also has an option to advertise with them however, the prices are too high.

Lets Diskuss

No, I have not spelled discuss in the wrong way, it is what they call themselves. This is a nice social networking type website that allows you to submit blog posts as well. One interesting part of this website is that it gives you money to submit posts, answer questions & other activities. Click here to learn more about making money with them.

Bored Panda

Bored Panda as the name it is a funky website with entertaining content, it has content on advertising, funny, comics and much more. If your website falls under the marketing niche, this is a good website to submit your content. The posts on this website also get a good amount of engagement which is not the case with many websites.

Article Cube

Article cube is another good option to submit your articles on this website. They have mentioned some extensive guidelines on their website which will make submission easier for you. They are high on listing articles (top 10 websites for, How-to Articles, Case Studies). They do not allow copied content, you can however hire ghostwriters and submit the articles on this website.

Article Seen

This article directory submission website allows you to submit informative articles, PR articles and also articles in French. Thus, giving you a lot of options. The website UI/UX is old school however it has a good amount of articles which boosts its overall reputation. And thus getting a backlink from this website is profitable in terms of improving your website reputation.


This website allows you to submit articles in 2 major categories which are Consoles & Games. This is the article directory you are looking for if you are trying to promote your gaming website or mobile application. This website is not recommended for other business websites since the backlink value won’t be much if your website is not related to gaming.

Finder Master

This is yet another article directory website that allows you to submit articles related to categories of advertising, business, construction, and shopping. They also have a general category for any article falling outside these categories however that is not recommended unless your category is too unique to fit in some other article directory website.

Advertise Era Articles

This website is good if your website belongs to construction, marketing, or education. They have general & another category for another type of content however the focus of this directory is mainly restricted to these 3 categories only.

Vocal Media

This website allows you to post your articles in form of stories that are published on their website. This website is again a simple one to use and allows you to post any type of content, as long as you have the complete right on them. However, they are strict when it comes to adding images to the articles and the images should not have any watermark on them. They also prefer the authors to have engaging content over the boring ones so you need to make sure your articles are created that way.

Article Alley

This website is a rich site with a lot of articles on them about general topics. However, there is one problem with their registration page. If that is fixed when you are reading this article, then this website is a good site to publish/submit your articles for backlinks.

Article Factory

Again this is one more website with an old look, not a completely responsive website. However it has tons of articles and a recent one was published in Sept 2021 (when we wrote this article), so this website is very much alive and you can consider submitting your articles on this website.


They are very straightforward in their approach they are looking for information and not advertising (articles that promote your products) articles. For the article to get approved it should be original and more importantly it should add value to the reader. You will need to add author information at the bottom of your article as these guys submit the articles on their partner network as well & so you get promoted there as well. If you miss adding the author details, it will get promoted without it only. Also to add the anchor text backlink you require to use the HTML code to link back to your website. You can find the sample code on their website here.


This website is more like a community that allows you to submit your articles in it and these articles will be accessed by the members of the website. You will require to create an account not only to submit the articles but also to go through the existing articles of this website. Article submission is free so you don’t have to worry about any commercials involved in it.

Street Articles

This website as the name suggests has tons of categories on it. It also allows you to freely promote links to your website where you may be offering or selling some products or services. There seems to be an issue with the submit article links & so you require to sign in / sign-up to start submitting the articles.

Ground of Success

This website allows you to submit articles on their directory free of cost, you just need to create an account and start submitting articles on this website. However, the categories are only restricted to Entrepreneurship, Success Stories, Motivational Articles, Inspirational Case Studies, & Self Development. If your website does not fall in any of these categories then you can well bypass this website in your submission list.


Rather than focusing on quantity, it is always good to focus on the quality of the article submission website while submitting the articles. Always ensure that you are submitting good quality articles as those are more likely to create good backlinks than just creating shallow content for these article submission sites.

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