How SEO helps in Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

I am sure you know what is Digital Marketing, however, just in case you don’t, let’s look at its meaning. Digital Marketing is a process of promoting your products, website, mobile application through the Digital Platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many such websites & apps. Basically promoting your stuff on the internet. In this article, we will understand how SEO helps in Digital Marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Let’s not go far to answer this question. We have so many people along with us spending time on the internet. May it be while working in the office, when we are free and browsing through the social networking websites, or may it be when we are researching something online, planning our trip, etc. No matter what you do, the internet is touching upon your lifestyle in one way or the other.

So obviously since there are so many users spending so much of their time on the internet, Digital Marketing is a great way to influence them to purchase the products or take the services you offer.

Now let’s look at some of the most important elements of Digital Marketing.

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Segments of Digital Marketing

Organic Marketing: Free marketing, is a method to get users from the internet without paying anything to the platform. So let’s say if you write some article on your website and it ranks on Google, you are getting free traffic from Google. (We are assuming that you didn’t spend anything on doing any SEO activity on the website).

In-Organic Marketing: In this method, we run paid ads on the platforms such as Google, Facebook, IG & other online platforms. The good side about this is that you start getting traffic immediately to your website however, the downside is that, as soon as you stop advertising the website traffic will come down.

Analytics: The third important segment of Digital Marketing is analytics, which helps measure the results of the above 2 activities. There are advanced levels to analytics as well, however for a medium-size website Google Analytics website is more than sufficient.

How SEO helps in Digital Marketing

1. It gives you Massive Traffic for a very low cost

SEO falls under the first segment i.e. organic marketing.

Now, the main question why do we bother about SEO? SEO is the most powerful way to get a great amount of free traffic to your website.

With 5.6 billion daily searches on Google, you can’t plan your Digital Marketing without including SEO & Google Ads in it.

Let’s take a simple example of the term “Shoes”

Google Keyword Planner

There are 1,000,000 queries happening related to the term “Shoes” and 4400 queries related to the term “Buy Shoes Online”

If you are an e-commerce website selling shoes and ranking number 1 for the above 2 terms, imagine the amount of traffic and conversions you can get…

This is the power of SEO.

Now, let’s look at the cost you are saving.

Google Keyword PlannerThis is the Cost Per Click (CPC) payable if you are running paid ads for the above 2 terms. Ads for the term “Shoes” will cost somewhere between Re.1 to Rs.7 whereas for the term “Buy Shoes Online” it will cost between Rs.3 to Rs.18.

Even when you are paying Re.1 for the term “Shoes” to get a traffic of 1,000,000 you end up paying Rs.1,000,000 now there is no assurance of conversion however if you are ranking on the top of Google you will get all this traffic free of cost.


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2. It Builds Trust

Google is used by people to do their primary research, if your website ranks on the top of Google and they come across your content, brand, etc they will start to trust your company and content which may eventually lead to a conversion.

These are termed “Discovery Users” people who are looking for some information about the topic related to your offerings.

Let’s assume if you are a furniture dealer and have a blog article mentioned on “How to Use Space Efficiently in a Tiny Home” now anyone who is looking for this information may also end up buying a few things from your website if they find it useful.

So the user is coming to the website to learn how to use the space efficiently but eventually, he may need to replace a few things which are being sold by you.

Even if the user is not buying anything from your website, they will get to know about your brand through the articles and content published on your website that are related to the topic of his research.


This is how SEO helps in Digital Marketing Strategy so you can consider focusing on your SEO activities.

If you are very new to SEO and wonder how long will it take to learn SEO? You can check this article for more information.

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