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We all are aware that getting backlinks for a website to rank high on Google is a challenging process & so we not only need to use the traditional ways of creating backlinks but also put our creative hats on to do something different & one such method is known as Infographic Submission.

What is Infographic?

Now that we are talking about infographics many of you may not be aware of this term. This is a term that means Information represented in a graphical format. Let’s take a simple example, if you want your child to know about our solar system, two ways of doing that are:

  1. You give the list of the planets
  2. You show them a chart with the planet pictures, their names & other important info

Which one will the children like? You don’t need a genius to tell obviously the second one.

This is not only true with the children but with grown-ups as well, they like to see attractive images (no wonder Instagram is doing great) which make sense & not just blank & white pieces of content.

Infographic Submission in SEO

Infographics submission in SEO is something that has been underrated for years. Many good companies also don’t tap on this opportunity. However, if you want to make sure everything is done to improve the SEO you need to not ignore this point.

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How to create an infographic?

Option I: Hire some professional from Fiverr or Freelancer to get it done, this involves money but will give you a very good result/output.

Option II: Get your creative hat on, visit and start making your infographic yourself.

We will not deep dive into the above process as this is not the agenda of this article, so let’s move ahead to the next step i.e. submitting the infographic to the best websites.

Top Infographic Submission Sites List

This is one of the leading infographic websites with a number of infographics submitted across various categories. The best part about this website is that it allows free submissions however, the approval can take weeks. Alternatively, you can pay a small fee of $25 per submission & submit your infographic instantly.

They are massive in terms of the number of infographics they have (around 6000 in total & 300 submitted every month). Complete guidelines

Submission Difficulty: Easy

It is a huge Social Networking website that allows you to Pin your favorite content. It has both windows, android, and iOS applications. The best part about this website is that it has 360+ million monthly active users of which 72% are female. It is estimated that 83% of users purchase a brand after engaging with it on It is the 3rd biggest social networking website in the US.

I think we have mentioned enough reasons to have your infographic submitted on

Submission Difficulty: Easy

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Infographics Archive

Unlike this website does not accept free submissions. The only way to submit content (infographic) to this website is via a standard paid fee of $20. The listing will be published in 5 working days on their website. In case you want to promote the infographic further, you will have to pay an extra fee for it.

Submission Difficulty: Easy but Paid

Infographic Post

This website allows you to submit your infographic for free however the submission approval process may take a long time. This is mainly due to the high volumes of infographics they receive to be submitted on their website. Their paid plans start from as low as $10 which will get your infographic reviewed in 5 working days, if you wish to get it reviewed within 2 days you can also go for a $20 plan.

Submission Difficulty: Easy but Inclusion may take time.

Infographic Reviews

This is an interesting website, where you not only submit your infographic but they also rate it at the scale of 0 to 5. 0 implies your infographic is horrible and 5 means, it can go viral soon. Submitting the infographic image on this website is absolutely free but inclusion is not guaranteed, they will email you if the infographic is included in their website.

Submission Difficulty: Easy


This is a free infographic website and submitting your work on this website is quite easy, however, you need to make sure that the infographic is of good quality. Approval may take a few days. It requires you to submit a short summary of your work as well. 

Submission Difficulty: Easy

Infographic Plaza

This website again is a freemium website, where you can submit your infographic for free however if you want it to get submitted and approved quickly you can opt to pay $10 (starting amount) as a fee for the quick submission. This website only accepts infographics in English, any other language is ought to get rejected. They also are against content that is related to nudity, copyright violation, etc.

Submission Difficulty: Easy, but may take months to get approval

Infographic Database

This is a premium infographic submission website and only accepts your work in exchange for a fee. Though the amount is only $20 however you need to pay, if you want your work to be published on their website. The best part is that they will also give you a backlink to your branded domain i.e. your website, which obviously helps in SEO as well.

Submission Difficulty: Easy but paid.


If you are a designer you must have already heard about this website. It is a favorite place for all the designers. Most of them update their creative portfolio on this website so to get more references and recognization. This website is also used to submit infographic work. Submission is free.

Submission Difficulty: Easy


It was earlier known as  Infographics Online. It ranks the content (website, apps, etc) based on popular votes. It has a variety of infographics on various topics. In a brief time, they had stopped accepting infographics but recently they have again started to accept them.

Submission Difficulty: Moderate

Directory of Infographics

They go after their name, it has a huge collection of infographic images. Most submitted by independent authors. Submission is free but not guaranteed, if you want your work instantly published you can do it by paying a nominal fee of $10.

Submission Difficulty: Easy, but inclusion not assured

Cool Infographics

This website is a good site to submit your infographics, they don’t have a separate page to submit infographics on their website all the submissions are accepted from the “contact us” page. The best part about this website is that it is a completely free one & you don’t require to make any payments to get your infographic listed on it. However, you need to ensure that the quality standards are met, as per their requirements, as mentioned on the contact us page.

Submission Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Infographic Bee

This website is a cool website to submit your infographics, they have tons of infographics already submitted on their website. Submission to this website is absolutely free however you require to pay in case you want it to get approved quickly, since approval in the free submission takes time (2-4 business days) to get reviewed. They will also share your work on their social media channel as well.

Submission Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Infographic Journal

They accept infographics in 3 types of submissions. Basic Submission is absolutely free however the review may take 2 to 3 weeks time depending on the submission queue. Express Submission charges a fee of $25 and reviews your work within 1 working day. Featured Submission, is the same as express with one additional feature i.e. the infographic will appear on the featured section of the home page (for 1 month), fees for this type of submission is $75. Depending on your budget you can select the desired plan.

Submission Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Daily Infographic

This website again is popular when it comes to submitting infographics to their website. It has 4 plans through which you can submit your work on their website. The first one is a “Free Plan” where your work will be published within 90 working days however, there is no guarantee of inclusion. “Standard Plan” has a $50 fee however there is a guarantee of submission and the work will be reviewed within 30 days. “Social Plan” is the same as the standard plan however, through this plan they will also promote your work on their Social Handles which have more than 65000 Followers.

Submission Difficulty: Easy

Shit Hot Infographics

This website is a free infographic submitting website that allows you to submit infographics for free. They have not mentioned the approval time frame however it is likely to be a little long as it looks only one person is looking after the approvals of the submissions. This website has some good infographics added to their site.

Submission Difficulty: Easy


These are some of the top websites to submit your infographic for better SEO of your website. There are many more however starting with these websites is a good option.

Again a lot depends on the quality of your work. If you have created something amazing, people are likely to include it on their websites as well & in return give you a backlink as well.

Mantra for a successful infographic is simple but not easy & it is “Attractive Design + Detailed Information”

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