Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress you can’t avoid in 2022

Let’s discuss the Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress. People launch their website only for one reason-They want their brand to get noticed. Even more, they want it to be noticed more and more; more than others. Here comes the role of the WordPress plugin. It is considered to be the simplest and easiest method to make a website. But, to make your website more popular, or to enhance lead generation, you need the best SEO for the WordPress plugin. This is something, where quality and quantity, both matter! In this article, we’ll focus on the top 10 best SEO for WordPress plugins, with their features. Here is my list of the top 10. This list of Top Ten will help you to come into the top Ten!

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  1. Yoast SEO This WordPress Plugin is so famous and so flexible, that it is really hard to keep it at no. 2. It is suitable for all, even beginners. It is capable to organize your content in an SEO-optimized way and thus, attracts visitors to your page. The other features are
    • optimize your posts for a particularly targeted keyphrase
    • It has powerful linking tools
    • It increases the readability by making your content more organized.
    • It avoids dead links and 404 errors.

    It comes in two plans- a free one and a plus membership. Start with the free plan, but you won’t be able to resist entering into the Plus membership plan.

  2. All In One SEO As the name suggests, it is an effective tool to generate leads. It can maximize your presence as it can approach and even encroach, into Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and other sites. It makes you more visible, more noticed. It has gained high popularity in a very less time. Its popularity can be measured by the number of users associated with it i.e., more than 3 million.
  3. MonsterInsights MonsterInsights helps you in flooding traffic by tracking analytics and performance. This  WordPress plugin brings Google Analytics right to your WordPress dashboard and offers you actionable insights so that you can do further improvements.There is no use to use any code to install your Google Analytics tracking script. You can see exactly how people find and use your website, and it has a content report showing which pages on your site are visited the most. MonsterInsights provides a very simple and straightway to look at your data without even logging into the Google Analytics platform.It is considered to be an awesome SEO plugin for WordPress for Marketers and other stakeholders who want to optimize their sites for conversions. This tool is a perfect one if you’re looking to see how people are finding your website and why?
  4. Premium SEO Pack Premium SEO Pack is unique with its advanced features that handle SEO elements that other plugins cannot. It is also enriched with some other foundational features such as sitemap generation, Google Analytics monitoring, page speed, monitoring, rich snippets, link building, and 404 checkings. It also enables you with insights into your internal linking structure.It is considered the best plugin for candidates who host their portfolios on the web and are worried about the constant tradeoff between the appearance and performance of their websites. Premium SEO Pack gives priority to notifications about how SEO-friendly the images are and minifies CSS and Javascript for speed.
  5. SQUIRRLY It needs to be mentioned here that more than 600,000 sites over 7 years have been analyzed through SEO by SQUIRRLY,  using machine learning algorithms . Squirrly is a perfect choice for websites based on internal architecture, keyword utilization, backlinks, and web authority.It is ideal for professionals looking for a tool that can assist them in SEO audits of their websites. SEO by SQUIRRLY could be the right tool for you if you are planning a new SEO strategy for an already existing site.
  6. HubSpot It holds a top position, especially when live chat and email marketing are concerned. It is worth mentioning that both these options are critical in developing your business. It is free and very much suitable for small and medium businesses. It has inbuilt analytics that can help you in keeping a record of your marketing performance. Hubspot is also exceptional in customer servicing and making relationships with the customer. This is another strong reason which makes this tool quite “different” from other SEO plugins.
  7. SEMrush Writing Assistant It maintains its name in this list just because of its simplicity. It is also very beginner-friendly like Yoast SEO and includes added features such as redirection, titles, description, and XML image and content. It is also suitable for experienced users because of its more advanced features. To be honest, SEMrush Writing Assistant is more affordable and reliable than other Plugins, especially for those content writers who are familiar with SEO practices but are not experts.
  8. Rank Math This tool not only helps you optimize your site but also offers additional SEO features such as   404 monitoring, redirections, and SEO for WooCommerce sites. It is highly helpful in reducing the likelihood of SERP display errors in Google by optimizing titles and Meta descriptions with a snippet preview. The best feature of Rank Math is that this plugin has been optimized for speed.  It is very fast and your site’s speed doesn’t affect your SEO efforts.
  9. WP Meta SEO This plugin is for you if you are working on website designing or on a website redesign. It comes up with a Meta information bulk editor, which optimizes your site at once. It saves a lot of time, as you don’t have to go in and out of each individual page. It also helps you in decision-making about your keyword strategy, as it has been integrated with Google Search Console, which empowers its keyword suggestion.It can be rewarded with a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ batch, but NOT with a ‘master-of-none’ because it is one of the best tools for entrepreneur or marketer who handles the website, SEO, and content.
  10. W3 Total Cache Site speed is an extremely important factor, as it not only satisfies the searcher’s query but also is a delightful experience for the user. W3 Total Cache improves site speed through caching, minifying, and CDN integrations, and helps in managing all the benefits in one place on your website. As this tool works on the major aspect of SEO ranking, i.e. site speed, it is ideal for website Website owners who manage lots of content on their site like videos, and images.


There are many SEO WordPress plugins available however you can decide which one best suits you & your website. At times the tool that you work with may not be very well known however, it does the job for you and that is what matters.


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