Top Websites for Free Backlinks

Every one of us knows that creating backlinks is the real challenge when it comes to SEO. Through this article, we will help you get a complete list of free but useful websites from where you can create amazing backlinks for your website.

Note: Just reading this article won’t help, start creating your backlinks along as you read it.


I’ll not be surprised if you have never heard of this website since this website is mostly used by developers/coders to store their website code. However not many know that you can create a backlink on this website for any keyword you desire.

You need to create a GitHub page from which you can get as many backlinks as you want to. Click here to learn the step by step method to create backlinks from GitHub

BlogSpot /

If you have been on the internet since the 2000s you would know this website. It was the first few websites that allowed you to start your own blog. These days not many use this website for blogging but it is a great place to get some backlinks from. This website allows you to set up your blog and you can add as many links as you wish to from this to your website.

We would, however, recommend you to create at least 1 to 2 articles especially for, and get backlinks from them, rather than direct plane backlinks. Though it is not official, many believe that since blogger is a Google website, backlinks from this platform hold more value.

Google Sites

This is one more Google entity that holds a good value for its backlinks. Google Sites is a website where you can make your own website without coding. Though it won’t give you all the features that you may want in your website it will definitely help you with a basic website where you can post all the important information.

You can create a website on Google Sites & get backlinks to your website.


Just like, this website also allows you to create an online blog however it is not only restricted to blogging websites but also allows you to create a business, e-commerce, educational & many other types of websites. It is again a good website to get a backlink from.

It is a little tricky to get your website set up on WordPress for free, the flow is more towards pushing the users to buy, so try avoiding that when you are creating backlinks from here.

Medium is picking up as a blogging platform. They have introduced an option to import your website blogs on their site by just copy-pasting your URL. This is a great way to syndicate your articles on What is syndication submission or Content Syndication?




This is a social networking website that allows you to create a blog as well. All the posts that you make on this website will automatically come in the blog section. It may look overwhelming at the start but once you get a hang of it, it becomes easy to use. Sample Link

This is one more simple website where you can create your backlinks. It has a very simple interface. One thing to keep in mind while creating backlinks on this website is that first you need to create an account and then post your articles here, otherwise you will not be able to edit them in the future. Example links

It is a nice website where you can not only post your articles but also posts, on their community this website allows you to post content, articles, images that can help you get backlinks to your website. It is an active community to exchange ideas on various topics. You can also syndicate your articles on this website. Sample link

The best part is that you can also get links from the comments.

The Next website on the list is which allows you to create your blogging website on their subdomain. Once your website is ready on the subdomain you can add as many links as you want and it will act as backlinks for you.

This is yet another website that allows you to create your personal blog on their website. You can simply create some blog articles related to your niche/ your website category and start getting backlinks from there. Sample Link is a simple blogging website, which allows you to write and publish articles with backlinks without creating an account. The best part is that you need not worry about any login, registration, email verification process, just visit the website and start creating backlinks. Sample Link

They call themselves the dumbest publishing platform and rightly so since it can’t get easier to post your backlinks on it. You won’t be able to post any fancy images or format the text but yes you can add backlinks to it. Sample Link

It is again similar to where you can post your content with the links but you can’t embed images or YouTube videos. There is an option to edit the URL as well which can make your article more relevant to the topic. Sample Link is a simple website that allows you to create backlinks without creating an account on this website. It allows you to add links. It is recommended to create backlinks from this website after creating an account so that you can keep a track of all the links you have built on it. Sample Link

PointBlog is a simple blogging website that allows you to create a blog on its platform. Your blog will be published on it as a subdomain. It is recommended that you keep the subdomain as your keyword. e.g. through this link we are creating a backlink for the keyword¬† “Artificial limbs in Delhi” Sample Link

Very similar to PointBlog this website also allows you to get backlinks from their website. It allows you to add your blog as a subdomain, again the subdomain should be the keyword for which you want to create the backlink. The best part is that this blog is powered by WordPress. So if you are well-versed with WordPress, you should not have any problems using this website. Sample Link

Again this is a simple blogging website, it only allows you to add text and no images, but you can add hyperlinks to it. To add the hyperlink you need to add the text in the square bracket & the link in the round bracket. Sample Link

This website is known for its simplicity, you can easily create backlinks on this site without even creating an account on this website. Just simply visit the website and create content anonymously. Simple, yet effective. Sample Link

It is a simple website builder which allows you to create backlinks and micro websites for your business. You can create simple websites with content, images & also embed YouTube videos on them. While creating the account remember that the social logins do not work & so you will have to directly log in with your email id. Sample Link

This website again is based on WordPress and creating your blog/website on this blog is quite easy and fast. One thing to note is that they may ban/suspend your account if you are not adding quality content or adding content just to get backlinks from here. So be vary while creating your content on this website.

Again a simple blogging platform that allows you to add links to them. It is a simple blogging platform and thus the links won’t be allowed with the anchor text. No images, No video embeds allowed. Sample Link

It is a WordPress-powered blogging platform, which allows you to create your blog on a subdomain Since it is powered by WordPress you can add as many videos, images, and links as you wish. Again it is always good to add content that ads value instead of just pasting some random text since that can get your website suspended. Sample Link

Important Disclaimer

Remember these websites may not give you an edge or rank your website if the content on your website is not unique and adds value for the users. Once your content is in place you can start creating backlinks on these websites.

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